About the Team

Below you will find brief bios of our dynamic duo who have designed and developed this website, as well as have produced all media and journalistic content. Producing this story was an exciting experience for us. We hope you enjoy!

J. Ashley Panter

J. Ashley Panter, UGA, Emerging Media Masters StudentJ. ASHLEY PANTER

Marketing Manager, UGA SBDC
apanter@uga.edu | TWITTER | Portfolio

Ashley Panter is a graduate student at the University of Georgia Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications, as well as the Marketing Manager for the UGA Small Business Development Center. She has over 5 years of experience in the marketing and design industry and has been with UGA for over 2 years. Ashley is expected to graduate with her Masters in Mass Communications with a concentration in Emerging Media in December 2017.

Kaitlin Kent

Kaitlin Kent, UGA, Journalism Masters StudentKAITLIN KENT

Graduate Assistant, UGA NMI
kaitlink@gmail.com| TWITTER | Portfolio

Kaitlin Kent is a graduate assistant and the Director of Online Communication for the University of Georgia New Media Institute. She is a teaching assistant for Intro to New Media as well as New Media Photography. Kaitlin is expected to graduate with her Masters in Journalism in May 2017, but has also taken many Emerging Media courses where she has become skilled in website development, design and coding.

Our Journey

The Women in Craft Beer Industry story was a happy accident. Both Kaitlin and I had enrolled in the graduate level Emerging Media Digital Storytelling course and in the first week of the course, were given the assignment of picking a topic for a semester long project. It was also mentioned that we could work in pairs. Since Kaitlin and I had worked on another project before, we decided to team up. Kaitlin has a strong skill set in photography, video, journalism, and audio. I have a strong skill set in marketing, website development, WordPress, graphic design and SEO. So, between the two of us, we thought we would make a pretty strong team.

Originally, we had discussed creating a story on the restaurant scene in Athens, Ga. But, random, Kaitlin asks what I think about covering something on craft beer. Instantly, I loved the idea. The craft beer scene was actually on my radar already as I had worked on a research report for the University of Georgia Small Business Development Center earlier in the year that included small businesses in the beer industry in Georgia. With my knowledge of craft beer trending already in Georgia, I knew that adding the women aspect to would be huge.

We presented both ideas to our classmates and everyone instantly fell in love with our story idea. So, we said, “Ok! This is our story,” and have been developing it ever since.

Our first interview was with The Southern Brewing Company, which is local to Athens, Ga. The owners, Brain and Jen Roth, have been great resources and have helped get us in touch with some pretty incredible people in the industry. Brian actually sent an email out letting people know about our class project, the website, and what we were trying to do. We instantly had multiple people reach out and want to get involved. It seems that every person we spoke to was very excited about our story and knew someone else that could help. The support of our project has been overwhelming, but exciting at the same time.

Although our class project will officially come to an end April 17, 2017, we will probably continue to add content to the site to ensure everyone who wants to participate is included.

We are excited to see where this project takes us and how the craft beer industry morphs and grows as more and more women get involved. This is such an exciting story and we are stoked to share it with you… and the best part, we had a ton of fun developing this story every step of the way.

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