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The Southern Brewing Company

The Southern Brewing Company

The Southern Brewing Company (SBC) was founded by Brian Roth and Rick Goddard in 2014. Brian’s wife Jen is also involved with the brewery helping with finances and budgeting. SBC was opened as a result of Brian’s love for home brewing craft beer. They strive for an inclusive vibe and welcome anyone from Natural Light drinkers to craft beer connoisseurs. Brian compares the brewery to having a band.

“If you were going to start some awesome band, everyone in the band wants to be famous the day they start,” he said. “I think if you went and talked to any band that was just passionate about what they played, I think they would want to just get really good at their craft and they’re happy that people are coming there and being a part of it.”

Tradesman Brewing Co.

Tradesman Brewing was opened in April of 2014, by husband and wife duo, Scott and Sara McConnell. Located in Charleston, S.C., this small brewery has plans to expand in the next few months. Their current location rests in a small white brick building where almost everything on site was built by hand.

“Most everything at Tradesman is repurposed,” Sara McConnell said. “The original bar and high tops downstairs came off of my husband’s family’s dock. They were actually beams in an old warehouse that got taken down somewhere near the Union terminal on the port in downtown Charleston and then they spent 40 years out on the dock weathering and they’re beautiful they’re like heart pine.”

Their upstairs bar is made from the heavy duty skid plate floor of a cooler that came out of the Charleston Navy hospital. The fact that most things in the brewery were built or repurposed speaks to it’s name, Tradesman.

Terrapin Brewing Company

Terrapin Brewing Company was founded in 2002 by Brian “Spike” Buckowski and John Cochran and the brewery that stands today was built in 2007. Terrapin got its name from Spike’s favorite Grateful Dead album, Terrapin Station. All of the Terrapin turtle artwork is designed by Grateful Dead artist Richard Bissell. Jess Hurd is currently the only female brewer employed at Terrapin and works to keep their 22, 200 barrel and eight 100 barrel system up and running.

Pair O' Dice Brewing Company

Husband and wife duo, Ken and Julia Rosenthal opened Pair O’ Dice Brewing Company on October 31, 2013. Located in Clearwater, Fla., this growing brewery currently is a 15 barrel brew house with 30 barrel fermenters, a canning line and a taproom.

When the brewery opened, there weren’t many breweries in the area.

“It was a wide open market,” Julia Rosenthal said. Over the last 5 years though, that story has changed. “Florida has grown faster than I ever anticipated. There are now over 70 in the Tampa Bay area alone…For that growth to have happened in three years is incredible and it’s scary because you need to develop the craft beer consumer along with growing the number of breweries.”

From the play on words with the name of the brewery, Pair O’ Dice, to the bright color scheme of orange and turquoise, every aspect of the brewery pays homage to Florida, where both owners grew up.

Below is a map showing the number of female brewers in the state of Georgia as well as female owned breweries in the Southeast. Expand the map to better explore and compare the breweries.